Compilation #5: Think pinks

In fashion terms spring/summer 2014 is the season of pale pinks and pastels. Here is my take.YVL_5047.450x675Simone Rocha a/w 2013tumblr_mto10hwQXf1rlc6o7o1_r1_500Album poster for New Order’s ‘Power, Corruption and Lies’. Still one of the best and most recognisable album covers ever.sootmood_1Soot ‘cotton’ mood board via Oyster017I graduated on Thursday last. Here’s what I wore. You can’t quite make it out in this picture, but the Jackie Kennedy style collar of my dress is palest salmon pink.jackie-kennedy…speaking of which.herher 2her-amy-adams-600-370The best thing about Spike Jonze’s Her is definitely the lush peachy colour palette. I loved the wardrobe too. Check out this article on Her’s thoroughly unsexy fashions.SoniabySoniaRykiel_010_1366.450x675Sweetest candy pink at Sonia by Sonia Rykiel a/w 2014.

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