Sunday still life #3

women artists 2Guerilla Girls mug from Tate Modern. 

“The Advantages Of Being A Woman Artist:

Working without the pressure of success
Not having to be in shows with men
Having an escape from the art world in your 4 free-lance jobs
Knowing that your career might pick up after your eighty
Being reassured that whatever kind of art you make it will be labelled feminine
Not being stuck in a tenured teaching position
Seeing your ideas live on in the work of others
Having the opportunity to choose between career and motherhood
Not having to choke on those big cigars or paint in Italian suits
Having more time to work when your mate dumps you for someone younger
Being included in revised versions of art history
Not having to undergo the embarrassment of being called a genius
Getting your picture in art magazines wearing a guerilla suit

– A public service message from the Guerrilla Girls conscience of the art world”



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