collageFollowing on from the previous post, my own noticeboard, or ‘image atlas’.

I used to painstakingly compile collages – in notebooks, or fixed in permanent position on my noticeboard – but this recent re-incarnation is just a ramshackle assemblage. Somehow that felt more like me now, rather than the sort of montage that is carefully curated and considered over. The image here isn’t of high quality, but the fragments are of multifarious sort and are mostly things that I have accumulated over the years. Oddly, scraps of paper, the occasional photograph and numerous postcards are things, that while of no monetary value, I hold very dear.  Even more strange still is my frequent inability to discard these papery ephemera, more often than not I will archive yellowed and curling pieces of paper, perhaps a fashion look torn from a magazine some years ago, rather than resign it to the dustbin. While the tangible collage and image may not possess as much power as the digital counterpart, it will always possess more worth, or so I would like to believe.


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