Photo reel #6

sky 294 296 292 1. Shades of sorbet sunrise 2. Saturday afternoon: pink Moleskin and Art Forum. 3. Light on pink walls 4. Amber sunrise on the way to work.

“Three in the afternoon. Half the day buried away. Ruth’s days off always oppress her. The realm of choice paralyzes her. To sleep is to choose neither life nor death”.

– From Green Girl, Kate Zambreno, 17.

“Her obsessive and solitary looking, her fretful listening, her poring over pictures and locking the world away so she could address it only in letters of complaint: it all feels quite familiar. You can pursue vigilance and attention into a kind of fugue state, almost hallucinatory, maybe fully so in her case. It’s the family curse, you might say, this turning from the world and peering at nothing or next to nothing until it gives something up, some object correlative. We’ve all done it; it’s how we pass the time: we’re quite as mad as she was. I spend my days staring at the screen and hoping something will appear. I call it work, and she called it – what? The way things were.”

– From ‘For the Simple Reason Is’, by Brian Dillon in Cabinet, Fall 2014.


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