05-marlene-dumas-the-space-age-lgThe Space Age, 1984, Marlene Dumas.

…there is a weird inverse confidence to be had from feeling destroyed, because being destroyed, having to start again, means you have a space in front of you, somewhere to go.

-From ‘That crafty feeling’ by Zadie Smith

I woke up late, and washed the floors downstairs and bundled laundry into the washing machine. In the afternoon, I walked into town, in my new navy pea coat that is already beginning to show the stress of rainwater hitting against it. I bought a pot of tea and an oozing caramel slice in the English Market; it was finally time to think about the New Year, after a Christmas that brought no rest, plenty work, numerous roast dinners and countless glasses of wine.

My foot is finally beginning to heal from an unfortunate encounter with the searing heat of a hot water bottle. My skin feels clean and my exhaustion is slowly subsiding. There is a still that list I wish to make.

There’s a lot to think about, but right now, as the last glimmer of Christmas lights fade away, I am content enough to know that those thoughts are there.


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