During my first session, five or six years ago, my therapist lightly amended a declaration I was making with the words for now. The revelation was immediate. A tonic. Like when clouds part outside, and inside, fresh beams of light reinstate the day — those six letters marked a huge shift. Because as girls, we held on tight to Forever. It was compulsory: the most critical, tender quota. For now, however, is a far more rational unit of measurement, and perhaps one we should encourage much earlier in life because it doesn’t require the insurance of a necklace or a bracelet or any token really. It connotes nuance and the balm of receptivity. It has little to do with girlhood’s insistence on wide-eyed hopes for the future, or feeling like an easy mark, or, in my case, ceding so much power to those older white girls. What for now proposes instead is the give and grace of compassion.

– From ‘Older Girls‘ by Durga Chew-Bose


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