The pain in my tooth was getting worse, so I took the day off and went to the dentist. I got the train to that town twenty minutes away and came back again and mooched around M&S. I love M&S. I always have. It reminds me of Saturdays and home and comfort and nourishment and everything feels just nice there. I also love their clothes. All of it, not just the trendy stuff at the front of the shop (the Limited Edition collection though has got to be some of the best on the high street now), but even the stuff for Granny at the back, the soft creamy knits, the square day dresses, the rectangular-toed sandals. The day I was there happened to be the launch day of Alexa Chung’s new collection, Archive by Alexa. I also love Alexa Chung, even if it’s not really cool to do so anymore. I read her little book It in one sitting, and it was so simplistic and girlish that my heart sort of went out for her a bit, because she seems just like a normal girl, really. I think the collection is great. It’s wearable and plain and not too much, and just goes to show, that some things actually don’t go out of style, like a well-fitting cardigan, a great masculine trench, or a floral slip dress.


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