Who were your influences at that time?
Well, I liked Hopper, but I didn’t really know anything about painting, so I didn’t have any heroes, I think, until I saw Francis Bacon’s work in New York in 1966. But I like organic phenomena and the biggest influence I always say was the city of Philadelphia. I think I got my first original idea when I was 20 in Philadelphia. It was unique. It wasn’t New York. The style of the architecture was a bit different and it had incredible mood and incredible industrial buildings. It had a thick layer of fear; it was a corrupt city and a fearful city. I felt a lot of insanity. It is called the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. But it was absolutely the reverse at the time. I say Eraserhead is my Philadelphia Story. I like smoke and fire and the sounds of the factories.

-David Lynch on in his early influences for Another.

I like how he considers the ‘mood’ of a city to be an influence. That is a difficult thing to concretise, but I think I know what he means.


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