We love something so much that we have to write it down, and in doing so, we’ve killed it, like Barthes’ characterization of loved ones in a photo: “anesthetized and fastened down, like butterflies.” Now I’m interested in a love, in letters, in songs, that are not so concerned with the end; that are incapable of accessing an aerial view, an image, a story; I would like to stop trying to conquer death by documentation, feeling like the end-game will always only be the page.

Famous Nora Ephron: “Everything is copy.” And if I wanted to find a way to make this universal, I could talk about what that means to a generation of people who actually are sharing everything exactly as it happens, how much slow suicide takes place in the careful curation of a personal brand, how much we limit ourselves by deciding who we already are, how much of what can feel like self-actualizing—my blog?—can go the other way; tell you only the things you already want to know about yourself; cut off discovery; cut off the possibility for connection. Connection is different from approval or validation, and so much more lonely-conquering.

-Tavi Gevinson, ‘The Infinity Diaries’, in Rookie


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