-‘No. 133’ – Bunny Mag 002, April 2017

‘Fairground’, Seafoam Mag, April 2016


-‘Lessons in Loneliness’, The Incubator, August 2017

-‘A Feminist Turning Point‘, She-Files, March 2017

-‘There is a Light’, Bunny mag, October 2016

-‘A Friendship in Nine Meals‘, Aftertastes, January 2016

-‘My Brilliant Career (as a Fashion Blogger)‘, The Coven, September, 2015

Walking Home’, The Coven, April 2015

– ‘B.B’: Trockel’s Mother Courage’, Verfreundungseffekt, February 2015

– ‘ “The Combing, the plaiting, the love of grooming”: Hair and the Politics of Beauty in the work of Alice Maher’ , Artefact: Journal of Irish Art Historians, December 2014

‘Intercepting the Screen World’, SALT, April 2014


-Edited issue one of teenage girl magazine, GRLHOOD, 2017

Catalogue essays

‘On Bunny Collective’s What we are doing’, May 2016
-‘No girl so sweet: An Introduction to SUGAR‘, November 2014
‘On Portrait of an Atheist by Linda Conroy’, June 2014
‘Cyber Sisterhood’: Introducing Bunny Collective’, April 2014.


1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair,, October 2016

‘Take me to the Other Side’, Wilhelm Sasnal at Lismore Castle Arts, Enclave Review, November 2014

‘Nassiem Valamanesh’s Distant Worlds & Hassan Hajjaj’s My Rockstar Experimental, Volume I’ at Crawford Art Gallery, Collected, April 2014

–  ‘Wasteland‘, Eva Kotakova and Dominik Lang at Project Arts Centre, Enclave Review, May 2014


-Chaired panel discussion on diversity in publishing at Decoding Diversity conference, London College of Communication, April 2017
‘On Empathy and Art’, Mid-May Festival, Midleton, Co. Cork, May 2015
-‘Fragmentation/Mutilation: Metamorphosis, Multiplicity and Politics in Rosemarie Trockel’s Collages since 2004’, Sibéal Annual Conference, Trinity College Dublin, November, 2014
‘The Highly Significant Fragment’: Allegory, Enigma and Politics in Rosemarie Trockel’s Collages since 2004’, IAAH Study Day, National Gallery of Ireland, April 2014


What we are doing, Pankhurst in the Park, Manchester, May 2016
-SUGAR, TACTIC, Cork, November 2014
-Bunny Collective: The Young-Girl’s Gaze, SOMA, Waterford, April 2014
-Psychicon, group exhibition, the Lewis Glucksmann Gallery, December 2012


A Virtual Gathering of Feminist Artists, The International New York Times, October 2016


-Designed and developed experimental art platform, Plateaux





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